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My chess journey begins

“Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events” – Benjamin Franklin

Would Chess serve as an enthralling pastime? This query crossed my mind after indulging in a YouTube video featuring the illustrious chess player Levy Rozman, better known as GothamChess Intrigued, I delved further into this realm, immersing myself in additional concise clips and instructional content before taking the plunge and creating an account on As part of the obligatory registration process, selecting a moniker was a requisite. Given my historical inclinations, identifying an apt alias proved relatively effortless. What better means of engagement than assuming a nickname paying homage to the preeminent tactician of all time, Napoleon? Following brief contemplation, I settled on the moniker Napoleon_Pawnaparte, thus marking the inception of my expedition into the vast realm of chess.

Chiel stands as my given name, a 34-year-old individual penning these lines. I take great pride in my role as a devoted father to two beautiful boys and a loving husband to an equally remarkable wife. My academic background lies in the field of history, a qualification that allows me to bear the title of historian (MASTER). Presently, my professional pursuits revolve around serving as a Data Analyst within a debt collection agency situated in the Netherlands. While my awareness of chess dates back to the majority of my existence, akin to countless youngsters, I regarded the game as nothing more than a casual amusement during my formative years. At that juncture, I failed to grasp the profound intricacies, strategic depth, and subtle nuances that bestow chess with its captivating allure. My involvement remained confined to recreational whims, devoid of the dedicated time and effort required to truly comprehend and study the game.

Now, as an individual in his mid-thirties, I embark on a transformative journey of discovering chess. My aspirations encompass embarking on an odyssey of learning, starting practically from scratch, and facing the inevitable struggles that lie ahead. These chronicles shall serve as a testament to my trials and tribulations. Defeats will be a frequent companion, yet I remain hopeful of securing occasional triumphs. As of yet, I have refrained from setting specific ELO rating objectives, as I lack a definitive understanding of both my own skill level and that of my opponents. My principal objective centers around deriving pleasure from the process of learning and engaging in the game itself. Concurrently, I endeavor to acquire the indispensable theoretical knowledge pertaining to opening strategies, subsequently implementing these theories within the games I play.

And so, with unbridled enthusiasm, we embark upon this odyssey! Shall I succumb to the challenges that lay ahead, or shall I emerge triumphant, akin to achieving a victory reminiscent of the iconic Battle of Austerlitz?

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